2019 7/24~7/25 硫黄泉を求めてその1 In search of sulfur spring part 1


Since the trip of Yamanashi on July 22 was mainly a colorless and transparent alkaline good spring, this time we called a “ clear hot spring with a characteristic of a hot spring ” that is turbid hot water, has a strong sulfur smell, and tingling skin I went out in search of it (* ‘ω) *).



After a break at “Michi no Eki Kuroiso”, head to “Shikanoyu” in Nasu Yumoto.




I came here a lot from around 2005 when I lived in Utsunomiya until around 2007. However, since it has not been since then, it will be a revisit for the first time in 12 to 13 years.


Bathing fee rises by 100 yen to 500 yen. It seems that there was repair work on the toilet last year, so it was turned into a very clean toilet. But other than that, I felt nostalgic as if I had returned to my hometown as “Shikanoyu” as before (* ‘▽ ` *).



She put out a 1,000-yen bill and got a 500-yen return, but when she was surprised because the 500-yen coin was shining golden, the woman at the reception said, “I’m sorry here because of the hot spring. .”When. Certainly, it is so acidic that it seems to oxidize just by touching the air (^^;).




As expected, there are many bathers, and facilities also prohibit photography, so the photos posted in the hall will be posted


It is divided into 41 degrees, 42 degrees, 43 degrees, 44 degrees, 46 degrees, and 48 degrees from the near side when it is men’s bath by adjusting the input amount of the source of 68 degrees.


The bath with a low input of 41 degrees is the most oxidized, so there is much turbidity, and the bath with a high input of 48 degrees has high transparency.


I always like lukewarm water, but since “Kanoyu” is basically a short heat bath that repeats entering and exiting hot water for a short time, I gradually get in the body from 41 degrees and put it in 46 degrees without difficulty Was.



However, at 48 degrees I challenged before and I had no teeth at all, and there was a bitter memory that the local regular scolded that it was impossible for amateurs.

However, it was a challenge that regret was better than regret. . . . . . . . .


It was finished when I soaked my calf on my left leg (T_T) / ~~~ The difference between 46 degrees and 48 degrees is higher for me than the Berlin Wall during the Cold War (T_T).


Recently, I often took a bath silently, but if I was talking with my older brother (late 60s) who came from Ibaraki about nursing care and how to live after aging, it would be too early It was (* ^^ *).


Normally, if you talk in a hot spring, it is a hot spring discussion, but this is a great study. It’s a good place for a hot spring to literally have “naked relationships” across generations (* ‘▽ ` *).




When I got up from “Kanoyu”, sweat began to blow. After a little slowing, I got out of the car, stopped the car near the Nasu Yumoto bus stop and soaked in the footbath. Recently, you can hear Chinese no matter where you soak in the footbath. A footbath would be perfect for having a casual experience of the hot spring culture.







In front of the footbath is the Otorii gate of Nasu’s “Onsen Shrine”. Go from there to the main shrine to visit the main shrine, and from there go further to “Seiseiishi”. A promenade is maintained from there to the killing stone parking lot, making it a good walk course.

Because the child entered summer vacation, there were many families.


After a long time enjoying the hot water of “Kanoyu”, the stunning wind was comfortable (* ‘ω `*).


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