ぬるめのお風呂でリラックス Relax in a warm bath



When you are tired, you want to soak in the bath rather than shower.

What is important here is the temperature.


In the old days, it was said that entering the hot water was a status that meant that you could enter the hot water, but it seems that there was a stylish feeling, but of course there is a good effect that can be obtained by entering the hot water.


The sympathetic nerves are stimulated and you can do it crisply. So when you say you’re going to be active in the future, it’s good to have a hot bath in the morning.



By the way, the hot water that I entered was the 46 degree bathtub and the Nasu no Shika no Yu which were in the combined hot spring of Kusatsu Onsen Otakinoyu

It was pretty tight in a 47 degree bath. The Niikawa-no-Yu, which uses the source of the Niikawa, which is used for the assorted hot water, does not seem to be open to foreigners at the moment, but it was still quite cool when it was open in the past.


Then, it is the opposite of a warm bath that has the effect of relaxing the tired mind and body slowly. This seems to have the effect of giving parasympathetic nerve superiority.


And it is recommended that you enter longer slowly. The sensation and taste of temperature vary from person to person, but my preference is around 37 degrees to 39 degrees, which is the same as body temperature called “dead temperature”. It depends on the season.


There is surprisingly little hot water that can be poured without disinfecting with hot water flowing from the source. I asked the president before when there was Izu’s “Koma no Yugensenso”, but it seems that the lower the temperature, the easier it is to control Legionella bacteria, so it is difficult to manage. Heating also has such a meaning.


I like to take a soak in the lukewarm water, so I will introduce some of the hot springs that have been soaked in from the source.


First, Kawaji Onsen Yakushi-no-Yu in Tochigi Prefecture was the starting point for my love of lukewarm water. Not the newly built one but the old one facing the river and the unheated one was about 37 degrees. After soaking in this hot water for about an hour and a half, I returned to my rented room in Utsunomiya and took a nap.

山梨県『正徳寺温泉 初花』。鰻の美味しい料理屋さんがやっている温泉で元々鰻の養殖をしていた時にこちらのウナギは病気もなく育ちが良いのはどうしてだろうと調べたら水が要因だった事から温泉経営に繋がったのだそうです。

Yamanashi Prefecture “Shotokuji Onsen @ Hatsuhana”. When eel was originally cultivated in a hot spring run by a delicious eel restaurant, I found out that this eel grew up without any disease, which led to the management of the hot spring because water was a factor. It seems to.


There is a bathtub of 36 degrees which remains at the source (38 degrees at the time of spring). While many tepid hot springs heat other than the source tub, this hot water bath is sunny. The eels are of course delicious, and there is also a privilege that you can take a bath when you eat.

群馬県『大塚温泉 金井旅館』。源泉温度は33度程度で旧内風呂(混浴)、新館の男女別内風呂と混浴露天風呂が有ります。こちらは掛け流しの湯量が半端ないです。特に旧館が。流石にこの温度ですから加温浴槽も用意されていますが、夏の暑い日に源泉浴槽に長く浸かるのが良いです。しかも今の時代に日帰り入浴300円。ただ夏休みはお子さんも多くなり賑やかです。眼と運動機能回復に効果があるとの事で、湯治に来ている方も結構います。

“Otsuka Onsen @ Kanai Ryokan” in Gunma Prefecture. The source temperature is around 33 degrees and there is an old indoor bath (mixed bath), a gender-separated indoor bath in the new building and a mixed bath outdoor bath. Here is an odd amount of flowing water. Especially the old building. As it is at this temperature, a heating tub is also provided, but it is better to soak in the source tub for a long time on a hot summer day. Moreover, 300 yen for a day trip bath in the present era. However, during the summer vacation, there are many children and it is lively. There are quite a few people who come to the spa to say that it is effective in restoring eye and motor function.

群馬県『川古温泉 浜屋旅館』。『川古の土産はひとつ杖を捨て』と謳われた名湯です。日帰り入浴1000円でした。それでも3回ほど行きました。男女別の内湯と混浴露天風呂が有ります。混浴は湯浴着着用OKです。38度程で本を読みながら何時間も入っている年配の方が多いです。

“Kawako Onsen @ Hamaya Ryokan” in Gunma Prefecture. It is a famous hot water that is said to throw away one cane from Kawako. One day bathing was 1,000 yen. Still went about three times. There are gender-specific indoor baths and mixed bathing open-air baths. Mixed bathing is OK. Many elderly people are reading books at about 38 degrees for hours.

群馬県『仏岩温泉 鈴森の湯』。比較的新しめの綺麗な施設です。35~36度の源泉浴槽が有ります。露天風呂と内湯の大きい浴槽は加温していますが源泉浴槽は湯の投入量も多く、夏場は特に気持ちが良いです。

Gunma prefecture “Futaba Onsen @ Suzumori no Yu”. It is a relatively new and beautiful facility. There is a source bathtub of 35-36 degrees. The open-air bath and the large tub with indoor bath are heated, but the source tub has a large amount of hot water and is particularly comfortable in summer.

なかなか遠出は難しい首都圏近郊にお住まいの方にお薦めなのがさいたま市『清河寺温泉』。こちらは前述した『大塚温泉 金井旅館』で入浴した際入浴していた方に聞きました(笑)。その方は『清河寺温泉』で別のお客さんに「ぬる湯が好きなら行ってみたら。」と言われて『大塚温泉』に来たそうで私は逆に『清河寺温泉』情報が得られて良かったです。


For those who live in the suburbs of the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is very difficult to go out. I asked the person who was taking a bath when I took a bath at “Otsuka Onsen @ Kanai Ryokan” mentioned above (laugh). He told another customer at “Kiyoji Temple Onsen” that he had come to “Otsuka Onsen” because he said, “If you like lull hot water.” It was good to get.

Although it is a facility system, there is an open-air bath with a 38.3 degree hot spring. It is a brown chloride spring. I think that it is a good hot water that I can not imagine near the metropolitan area.


I’ll let you know if I can get good information again ♪












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